My Mission 


Empowering women to travel solo and explore the world on their own terrms by providing the resources, support and community needed to travel safely and confidently and move toward a transformational experience.

Providing educational and informative travel experiences that combine adventure, history, culture, and education. Travel is a powerful tool for learning and personal growth, and I strive to create trips that are not only fun and adventurous, but educational and impactful.

Supportive and inclusive community of women who share a passion for travel and adventure. Traveling solo doesn't mean traveling alone. A welcoming community that encourages women to connect, share experiences and inspire each other to expore.

This also means traveling conscientiously. I believe in responsible tourism and working with the locals to support them directly. That’s why I include ways to give back directly to the locals whenever possible by donating supplies or bringing toiletries and medical supplies to those in need. These simple gestures leave a lasting imprint and can truly change someone’s life. 

Hi! I’m Nancy 

My path to founding my own tour company was a long and winding one—but you could say it was always written in the stars. I was born under the “travel sign,” Aries, and I’ve long been a restless spirit; I always had trouble staying in one place! 

My Story

As a crisis nurse, I found myself witnessing moments in healthcare throughout the pandemic that transformed me as a person and drove a passion within me to find a greater purpose in life while taking advantage of the time I have been given. Working with FEMA opened opportunities and experiences across the globe like I never imagined. I’ve been on a non-stop adventure ever since, from wild, remote Alaska to the turquoise waters of the Greek Isles! 

I took a life-changing trip to Egypt in 2021 which changed the course of my life.  I experienced a spiritual transformation during Sphinx. I always look forward to returning to this location.

Begin your Solo Exploration Journey

Whether you're a wanderer, a dreamer or a restless heart—the best way to find yourself is to get out of your comfort zone and explore the world. 

Through my own extensive travels, I’ve cultivated the local contacts and “insider” knowledge needed to make each trip an authentic, safe, and transformative experience and you don't have to travel alone. 

No more saying “some day …” Because your day has come. 

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# of countries visited:

38 (and counting!) 



Favorite destination:


Alaska is my #1, followed closely by Egypt and Cuba—my extensive networking around the world gives me an advantage in finding amazing local guides to help plan the best itineraries possible.

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Still on my bucket list:

So many—gorilla trek in Africa, Tanzania and Zanzibar, Finland, Norway, seeing Polar bears in the Arctic, Prague, Brazil, Papau New Guinea, Galapagos, India and Antarctica 

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My travel super power:

Being bilingual! Being fluent in Spanish unlocks a lot of doors for my travelers and ensures a more authentic exchange with locals.

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Can’t leave home without:

My camera—I love photography and I’m always taking pictures throughout my travels. In fact, the photos on the blog were taken by yours truly! 

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