"Tourists see the world, Travelers experience it!"

Why travel with me?

💫 You don't have to travel alone again. It's a safer alternative to traveling alone yet, the groups are kept small, between 10-14 to keep it a more intimate experience and give you an opportunity to make good friends.

  💫Responsible tourism - supporting the local people and diving deeper than the "tourist traps" whether that means visiting a school or clinic or having breakfast with a journalist to learn first hand how their lives differ from ours.

💫Guided tours organized and curated by myself and my amazing local guides that will immerse you into the culture, food and everyday lives of the locals. We strive to bring you an authentic, unique, educational and fun experience as true travelers, not tourists.

💫We'll go off the beaten path with our guide from start to finish. Our personal guide will make sure you hit all the highlights as well as the best locations for pictures, food and must-sees. . . in some locations, we'll venture to hidden gems and remote places only known to the locals that very few travelers get to see.

💫Jam-packed itineraries to get you the best value and make the most of your time.

💫Groups are LGBTQ+ friendly and everyone over 18 are welcome. Travel alone, as a couple or bring a friend. We have groups for women only or couples and co ed.

💫Fluent in Spanish which makes it easier to navigate through countries like Cuba and relate to the local people.

What is the value and benefit of a group trip versus going on your own?

💫When you pay for a group tour, you're not only paying for convenient and care-free traveling, you're paying for a top-value experience that encompasses a lot more with vetted guides and a small team dedicated to ensuring you are taken care of for every aspect of your trip.

💫I organize and carefully plan out every trip with my guides and I go on every one of my trips to assure you have an amazing experience.

💫Don't be taken advantage of on pricing in restaurants, shops and excursions . This happens a lot when you travel alone, quite possibly costing you much more than traveling in a group.

💫Traveling with a local guide or a small team benefits us and protects us in many ways and deters hassling and shady practices toward foreigners.  

💫Navigating the travel industry nowadays can be time consuming and difficult. You don't have to worry about anything. Every detail is taken care of. . . all you have to do is show up.

Just sit back, relax and enjoy the adventure!